What To Do If Filling or Crown Falls Off?

//What To Do If Filling or Crown Falls Off?

In this video Dr. Narowki from Dental Arts San Diego explains what to do when a part of the tooth falls out, be it a crown or a filling. So, if you’re wondering what to do if a filling or crown falls off be sure to check it out.

A filling or a crown is made to replace any missing tooth structures. They are applied to protect the integrity of the tooth and maintain its health. If you’re filling or crown falls off, it is important to get seen by a dentist right away. Compromised teeth with that are no longer protected by a filling or crown puts your tooth at risk for harmful bacteria and severe infections.  The sooner you replace your filling or crown the better your outcomes turn out. The longer you wait out on getting seen by a dentist, the greater the complications you’ll experience. Complications can include a root canal or full-on extractions.

The same can be said if you chip or break your natural enamel.

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