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Denture Care

Regular vs Implant Supported


  • Pros:

    – Less expensive
    – Less time to complete
    – Typically look the same as implant supported dentures

  • Cons:

    – Sticky messy adhesive
    – Difficulty eating
    – Loss of facial support which will make you look older

Implant Supported

  • Pros:

    – Easier to chew
    – Do not dislodge from mouth when speaking or eating
    – Keep facial structure intact where implants are placed.

  • Cons:

    – Take longer to complete
    – Additional dental visits
    – Not everyone is a candidate

Am I a Candidate for Implant Supported Dentures?

Not everyone is a candidate for implant supported dentures. If you are interested in seeing if you are a candidate we will need to take x-rays and photos of your teeth and current bone levels. If you are currently not a candidate for denture implants we will be happy to discuss your options in detail and explore ways that will assist you to achieve a healthy oral status in order to become a candidate

Frequently Asked Questions:

A: It is not recommended to smoke while healing from your dental implants. Smoking interferes with the healing time and your ability for your body to keep implants in place.

A: We will need to take x-rays to determine how healthy your bone levels are in order to properly place implants. The success of your implants is determined by your health, home care and bone levels. Often times if you had dentures placed 5-10- even 15 years prior you may still be a candidate for dental implants.

A: With all the new technology that is available we often get asked if this can be accomplished in one day. We strongly believe that you need to take time to heal properly it is best to take time and get it right and not rush this procedures.

If you have further questions please contact us at 619-444-1001 and we will be happy to assist you. Thank you for trusting Dental Arts San Diego for your dental needs.