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If you have been informed that you need surgery for heart disease, hip or knee replacement or another major surgery, you may be advised to see a dentist prior to surgery for a dental check up.

According to the Mayo Clinic the short answer is to reduce risk of infections, including endocarditis, an infection of the inner lining of the heart that can prove deadly.

The most common bacteria called Fuobacterium Nucleatum lives in our oral cavity and increases with lack of oral care. Many times people will let this type of infection go unnoticed because there are not alarming symptoms that can be seen by the average person. However, when you go into a pre-opertory interview for surgery you may wonder why you even need to see a dentist in the first place, especially since you may not be experiencing any pain. Because of this many people find it hard to believe that they have been carrying around an unnoticed infection and are in need of treatment. However, can you imagine how your body feels constantly fighting this type of disease without treatment. When you under go surgery your immune system may decrease and therefore you will need to be cleared of infection prior to surgery.

Do Regular Check ups to Help Prevent Complications

Our team is trained on the association between the mouth and the body. Your medical doctor may request your dentist to fill out a clearance form. This is because the bacteria is in your mouth can penetrate blood vessels during surgery and cause infection. Therefore, we recommend regular check ups to help prevent complications.

Connection Between Oral Health and the Body

Many people are surprised of the connection between oral health and the body, this is even more evident when preparing for surgery. Often times we over look our oral health. We may see our teeth as disposable. We lose them as a kid, right? and over the years we have seen our parents, grandparents living with dentures. So why would anyone need a clearance from the dentist? Or why should we even care about our oral health in the first place? If you have a history of heart problems or need to have a major surgery you may be asked to complete dental treatment and be cleared from oral infection prior to surgery. Often times a surgeon may ask if you have been to the dentist with in the last 6 mos and to have your dentist complete a form stating you are cleared for surgery. WHY? This is because the mouth is the gateway to our body. Think about it, we use our mouth to eat, to talk, to swallow, this is vital to our survival. If we didn’t have amouth living would be pretty difficult. Wouldn’t you agree? Therefore, keep in mind regular dental visits can help you prepare for the unexpected.

Your Oral Health Matters!

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