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How to Prevent the Appearance of Aging

Slow Down the Appearance of Aging

  • As you age the color of your teeth will change sometimes as much as 5 to 6 shades. One way to help the appearance of the aging is by whitening your teeth to restore a more youthful look.
  • To help with prevention of bone loss it is best to keep bacteria count levels down because excess bacteria will continue to decrease bone and will result in the appearance of aging. You can slow down the appearance of aging by seeing your dentist for regular cleanings coupled with your home care.
  • By replacing missing teeth with a permanent option it will help keep bone levels in place which are the supporting factors for your lips and face. Without this support your lips will begin to sink in and your face will appear older. This can also occur with your molars which support the checks. Teeth can also shift without replacement. All factors will contribute to the appearance of aging.

Find the Fountain of Youth in Dentistry

Often times people are surprised to find out how our teeth can play an important role in our aging process. Teeth tend to be one of the first things people notice. When we age our teeth can appear yellow, missing and/or coupled with bone loss can make us appear to have more wrinkles. In fact in forensic dentistry the color of our teeth can be used to help estimate your chronological age. As bone loss occurs the supporting foundation of the facial structure decreases over time. There are ways to find the fountain of youth in dentistry. Our team is trained on the ways to help you prevent the appearance of aging by focusing on your oral health.


  • Facial structures are properly supported and in natural proportion maintain a youthful appearance.


  • Loss of teeth result in subtle structural changes (cheeks can sink-in slightly) even at the age of 45


  • Bone loss progresses, the loss of facial support is pronounced. The cheeks and lips lose their support creating a more aged look.


  • The continued use of a unstable denture accelerates bone loss and loss of structural support of the face and soft tissues. 

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