Turning a Conventional Denture Into a “Snap On” Denture

//Turning a Conventional Denture Into a “Snap On” Denture

Check out our YouTube video that shows you the process of converting a complete conventional denture into an Overdenture or ” Snap On” Denture. The video illustrates an actual implantation clinical case where Dr. Nawrocki goes over the steps in detail. 

The Process

So how do you convert a complete denture into a snap-on denture (overdenture supported by four implants)? If you watch our explanatory video, you’ll see a patient with no teeth in her lower jaw. We started by getting access to her bone by splitting her gums so that we could check the angulation of the input. After that, we go through a series of very delicate drills. Afterward, we torque the implant onto the jaw and finally suture everything from right to left with the goal of closing the gums the best possible to speed up the patient’s healing process. After the healing process is complete, we place four attachments on the implants so that the snap-on denture can be placed. To see the actual footage of this process; watch our YouTube video above. 

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