Sometimes it’s good to lose it all!

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Sometimes it’s good to lose it all! By: Dr. Alena Nawrock

“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose….” Lyndon B.


Time for an Update!

Just like any progression in life – things, services, experiences and our expectations change overtime. Sometimes this change is potentiated by our appraising and values instilled in us by our families. Then only to be reevaluated, discarded or modified using our exposure to education and advances of sciences.

Keep Your Smile Up To Date

Most people would want to drive an electric vehicle nowadays, low on fuel consumption and eco-friendly. As in the past “eco-friendly” was an exaggerated arrogance and “fuel consumption” was not everybody’s first priority as gas prices used to be very cheap. The same transition happens in health sciences, to be precise – in your mouth. There was an old believe that everything yours (teeth) is better than anything else another human being can offer you for a replacement. Let’s break down the pluses and minuses of this concept.

Out With the Old And In With The New

Of course, you were born with your own teeth, well…., not exactly, but close to it, so you had a long time to get adjusted to the way they feel and look, just like an old pair of shoes that become the darlings of your soul. Yes, your own is better! Your own is also like a constitutional right-everybody is entitled to have their own set of teeth. However, just like a good steward of the gift given to you, you need to pay utmost attention to preserving and extending the life of this gift.

Stop Preventing Your Brighter Smile

What if it comes at a great financial tall, such as people have financial obligations, that does not leave anything extra for maintaining teeth? What if it comes at an increased or impossible time obligation, such as a single mother of 3 would do the best for her children to make their teeth her priority, grossly ignoring her own? There are a lot of barriers to prevent optimal access to dental care, which can result in broken, rotten, smelly, brown teeth, surrounded by red lava of blood, coming out of your gums every time floss passes through…

Don’t Ignore Your Body, Keep It Healthy!

When this situation develops that the repairs and toxic poisoning of the rest of the body is increased as opposed to inexpensive regular maintenance, drastic decision has to be made. The goal is to keep the body healthy, so it serves your needs beautifully, does not fail you in the way of unsuspected heart attacks, unwanted strokes, draining diabetes, colon cancer, visiting like the last uninvited guest, when the party was finished an hour ago. Sometimes it is better to lose it all. All diseased parts of your mouth have to be removed and replaced with healthy dentures with or without implants.

Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose…

Let us help you win!

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