Rejection to Dentistry

//Rejection to Dentistry

In this vlog, we will be discussing rejection in dentistry. Unfortunately, dental implants can get rejected by your body. An infection can cause rejection. If the body cannot control the infection, you’ll have swelling and pain that tells you the body is rejecting a foreign particle. The same thing can happen in the mouth. If there is an infection or inflammation in the mouth, your body is trying to get rid of what it is not used to by rejection.

Another reason why the body might reject a dental implant is because of trauma. When we place the implant, it is critical that the implant is not to be bumped heavily, chewed on with hard, crunchy stuff, or bothered in any way for at least three weeks. If there is any trauma to the implant before three weeks, there is a chance that the implant will be rejected. 

A systemic disease can also cause your implant to be rejected. Things like uncontrolled blood pressure, diabetes, systemic fungal infections, systemic autoimmune conditions, or any lifestyle choice like heavy smoking can contribute to implant rejection.  

The good news is it is not forever! At Dental Arts San Diego, we can clean the site, prepare it correctly, and reattempt implant surgery when a rejection occurs. Feel free to contact us at (619) 444-1001 or click here to schedule an appointment. We are located at 707 Arnele Avenue, El Cajon, CA, 92020.

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