Protect and prevent, not expend and regret!

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We all know that, at some point, a house will need a new roof and a car will need an oil change and a fresh set of tires. However, when it comes to failing dentistry fillings, crowns, onlays or anything attached to a tooth to replace the missing tissue, almost everybody would expect the restorations to last forever without any maintenance. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were true!

The reality however, is that most people would not see the breakdown in their mouth until they feel pain. On the picture above, you can see how the filling aged, cracked, tarnished and wore out in parts, opening the tooth to an influx of bacteria that is always present in the mouth due to daily functions like speaking, breathing, drinking, eating, and kissing. Streptococcus mutams and lactobacillus are the main species that cause cavities, however, underneath the broken fillings, like the one above, there is an array of more aggressive bacteria, such as prevotella, fuso-bacterium and spirochetes that cause complications such as excessive tooth decay requiring root canals, accelerated bone loss, gonorrhea, and also heighten the chance for heart attacks. It can take years for these parasites to burrow inside of the tooth and cause a necrotic nerve and a subsequent root canal. It is much easier to catch damage when the breakage has just happened and the required treatment is easier, faster and cheaper. No additional multistep procedures, no emergency dentistry, no pain and most importantly no missing happy hours because your dentist is working overtime with you. Prevention is a blessing, not just for dental health, but also for your general health. A recent study showed that every patient with endocarditis (inflammation of the internal layer of the heart) has had a massive dental procedure done two weeks prior to their visit to the emergency room. Dental procedures included removal of inflamed wisdom teeth, extensive deep cleanings, and draining of dental abscesses. In the long run to prevent emergency room visits for heart, brain, lungs and intestinal problems caused by bacteria, the easiest and most budget-friendly first step is to have regular check-ups and early detection of failing dental work and prevention of expensive catastrophes via immediate repair of entry points for bacteria into the bloodstream and their invasion of the body.

                Protect and prevent not to expend and regret! Call today 619-444-1001 😊

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