Top Benefits of Wearing a Nightguard to Sleep

//Top Benefits of Wearing a Nightguard to Sleep

Nightguards are beneficial for preventing tooth damage caused by grinding and clenching, reducing jaw tension and pain, preventing headaches, providing healthy sleeping patterns, and preventing snoring, saving you money in the long run!  Bruxism is a condition where you grind and clench your teeth either while awake or asleep.  One of the leading causes of bruxism is stress.  We know that the pandemic has recently put a lot of stress on people in many different ways, including health worries and financial stresses.  As a result, daytime teeth clenching has gone up from 17% to 32%, while nighttime teeth clenching has gone from 10% to 36%, according to a study conducted in Poland and Israel.  Although there is no cure for bruxism, a nightguard can help alleviate the unfavorable effects.

Types of Nightguards

Over-the-Counter NightGuards

Nightguards are available in many different general stores, however, nightguards like this do not offer the best level of protection.  They are also usually ill-fitting and uncomfortable.  These acrylic guards are used to treat TMJ and severe teeth grinding/clenching. These guards are made from a firm material, making them the most durable type of guard.  These guards are pre-molded to fit any person but also have the option of “boil and bite” guards.  These must be softened in hot water before using so that the guard may conform to an individual’s teeth better.  As a result of these guards not being made for an individual’s teeth shape, these guards may cause a shift in the bite with continuous use.

Custom-Made NightGuards

For the highest quality of protection and comfort, visit your dentist for a custom  nightguard fitting.  A custom nightguard is created for the optimal protection of your unique mouth.  The thin design of the custom guard allows for easy breathing and communication. A night guard can also prevent plaque development, saliva helps neutralize acids and clear away bacteria, over-the-counter guards will likely not have the proper design required to keep oral hygiene optimal.  The right type of night guard can help to actually keep your bite in place because they are specifically designed for your tooth shape, allowing the surfaces to be protected from rubbing against each other.  A dentist will be able to fit a guard to your teeth using professional materials and procedures.  This professional touch allows for the best results and the most pleasant and comfortable experience.  These guards are durable enough to last several years.

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Upper or Lower Nightguard

Ultimately, the comfort of the guard could be one of the most important aspects because if it is not comfortable, you are not likely to wear it consistently.  If you are a daytime teeth grinder, a bottom guard would be best because it is less visible.  An upper guard is commonly larger with more bulk making a lower guard somewhat easier to breathe through and less likely to trigger your gag reflex.

See your dentist today for a custom nightguard made to protect you! The best way to save yourself from financial loss and pain is by preventing the issue! We hope this blog helped you see the top benefits of wearing a nightguard! If you grind your teeth and are ready to get your custom nightguard, give Dental Arts San Diego a call at (619) 444-1001, or click here to book an appointment today!

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