How Long Do Implants Last?

//How Long Do Implants Last?

In today’s video, let’s answer the question: how long do dental implants last? After you spend so much money on implants, you want them to last the rest of your life. And this is true; dental implants are supposed to last a lifetime.

Maintaining Your Dental Implants

The dental implant has two parts that must be maintained for the implant to last:

  1. Implant Body – placed inside the jaw- is supposed to last you a lifetime. Regular hygiene visits and check-ups ensure your bone level around the implant stays the same, preventing bone loss and complications. It’s important that your implants and natural teeth stay nice and clean. 
  2. The Crown – which is the top of the implant, is a part that may need replacement as you age. The crown can chip, stain, and become exposed on the gun level. If this happens, we can replace the crown with a new one.  


Ultimately, the dental implant is the treatment option that will give you the longest lifespan out of all dental treatments available to replace missing teeth. Thank you for joining us in unraveling the truth about dental implants! This is your guide in the world of dentistry, bringing you insights without the unnecessary myths. Until next time, keep smiling bright! Schedule an appointment today by calling us at (619) 762-4430 or clicking here. We are located at 707 Arnele Avenue, El Cajon, CA, 92020.

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