Dental Arts San Diego is staying open during COVID-19 pandemic

//Dental Arts San Diego is staying open during COVID-19 pandemic

Dental Arts San Diego Is Staying Open During COVID-19 Pandemic

Dental Arts San Diego is staying open during COVID-19 pandemic, supporting our community, and helping San Diegans, who are facing dental emergencies at this time. At this moment, even the most routine tasks, like going to a grocery store, are treated as emergencies. So, here, we are going to clarify what is considered a dental emergency and encourage you to come to the office if you or your loved one is experiencing it.

Dental related pain has been described as the most excruciating type of pain anyone can possibly experience. This is why it is important to see a dentist as soon as possible, when you feel the onset of a toothache.

Here are the common types of dental emergencies:

#1 Tooth Aches

Tooth aches can have different causes or origins, such as trauma, leading to painful cracks or fractures in the tooth, bruxism or teeth grinding, which often happens while sleeping. It can also cause tooth aches or hypersensitivity. Dental decay that is left untreated and encroaches on the nerve can cause severe pain as well infection or local dental abscesses. Tooth aches can almost always be successfully treated by performing a root canal therapy or extracting the tooth. It is important to note that antibiotics alone are almost always insufficient to treat dental infections.

#2 Fractured Teeth

Fractured teeth caused by accidental injury or trauma can sometimes cause pain or discomfort or can simply be a cosmetic concern if a front tooth is affected. Fractured teeth can be restored with a filling or a crown. When pain is involved, sometimes, root canal therapy must be performed. In some instances badly fractured teeth are considered non restorable. This means the tooth cannot be fixed and should, therefore, be extracted. A dental implant, bridge or removable prosthesis can be used to replace the missing tooth.

#3 Displaced or Luxated Teeth

This can be caused by trauma and can be treated by repositioning the tooth or teeth and splinting them to adjacent undamaged teeth. A wire or other bondable material can be used to do this. Follow-up appointments with the dentist is required.

#4 Lost Teeth

It can be caused by trauma. If the entire tooth, including the root, comes out of the socket, it should be manually replaced into the socket. And you should see a dentist immediately. A less desirable option is to put the tooth in milk. Generally speaking, if the tooth is replaced within 60 minutes and splinted, there is a decent chance of success.

#5 Infections

More serious infections with a dental origin that lead to swelling or infection in the face head or neck can be treated with antibiotics coupled with extraction or root canal therapy of the infected tooth. In some instances, IV antibiotics with or without surgical drainage will be necessary.

At Dental Arts San Diego we doing our very best to see patients the same day or the next day to get them out of pain as soon as possible during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Our clinic is centrally located and we’ll help anyone who is having dental pain or discomfort seven days a week, 365 days a year, including evenings weekends and holidays. Remember, we are staying open so if you or someone you know is having a toothache or dental pain please call or visit our website and someone at Dental Arts San Diego will help as soon as possible.

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