Changing patient’s lives

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Changing patient’s lives

Stories turn songs into symphonies, events into memories and lives into legends. Let us tell you Stephanie’s story.

Stephanie was born with soft teeth that frequently chipped and broke off, so she had to get them surgically removed at a young age. She had made this decision because there were no other alternatives available at the time. Over the years, she had multiple sets of removable dentures. Stephanie’s gums shrunk after years of wearing them because of atrophy caused by disuse. Now, Stephanie was exploring her other options and having consultations with different doctors.

At the same time, she was trying to jiggle family live, raising children and her career. As her dentures got looser and looser with each passing year. Stephanie would get more and more reserved in her emotional expressions – all her family pictures where she would normally be smiling, pearly whites showing, started turning out with a closed mouth. She didn’t want anybody to see her embarrassing teeth.

The front teeth took the hardest hit and would wear out to the point that they would be hiding completely underneath the upper lip, giving her appearance 15 years over her actual age until finally Stephanie had decided to act.

She sat very anxious in the waiting room at Dental Arts. She told Dr. Nawrocki “I want new teeth, I want to look younger, I don’t want my wrinkles anymore, I want to be able to smile again and show off my teeth like I used to do when I was younger.”

We then decided to start on her new dentures according to her aesthetic expectations, but since Stephanie didn’t want to have any implants and she had a couple of good teeth on the bottom jaw, we decided to leave them in the mouth for stabilization of the lower denture and use them instead of the implants. We cemented the attachments that usually would be used inside of the implants, inside of her natural teeth like in the picture and attached the dentures…

And this is Stephanie with her renewed smile!

It is incredibly rewarding to see how life changing this treatment was for Stephanie. She loved it! Her husband loved it! She cried. We cried with her.

We would love to help more people like Stephanie.

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