Can Implants be Removed?

//Can Implants be Removed?

Can implants be removed? Check out our video that outlines reasons why implants can need to be removed and answers the question with confirmation and pictorial representation of the process.

Can Dental Implants be Removed?

The simple answer to this is yes they can. Let’s go over a scenario: When a patient comes in and gets all of their teeth removed, they get all of their teeth replaced with implants. In the meantime, a denture of some sort or intermediate restoration is placed. This would entail that the patient has more vertical bone than the length of the tooth we removed.  Secondly, it is possible to do it in one day; however, when it’s done in the front area, you have to understand that when we remove the teeth, there is trauma and the healing has to happen. After the healing process is complete, the patient loses that thickness of the gum that used to be swollen and now is healed. When patients put on their implants when the healing process isn’t complete, the results may not be the best. The gums will shrink, causing the metal on the implants to show. This can be aesthetically unpleasing, especially if the implants are on the front of the teeth. In this scenario, the implants would have to be removed.

We removed implants when they are:

  • Unaesthetic
  • Failing
  • Loose
  • Infected
  • Rejected
  • Positioned incorrectly
  • Per patient’s wish

If the implants get removed, we would have to use trephines, which are slightly larger than the size of the implant we intended on removing. If you’re interested in dental implants or want to learn more about them, feel free to reach out to the friendly team at Dental Arts San Diego! Give us a call at (619) 444-1001 or click here to schedule an appointment. We are located at 707 Arnele Avenue, El Cajon, CA, 92020.

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