Can Emergency Dentists Prescribe?

//Can Emergency Dentists Prescribe?

This video explains what and how emergency dentists can prescribe to alleviate dental pain emergencies. Specific medications are mentioned.

Can Emergency Dentists Prescribe?

In today’s vlog, we will answer the question: “Can emergency dentists prescribe?” There seems to be a misconception that emergency dentists are less of a dentist than, say, a family dentist, cosmetic dentist, or a general dentist. However, just to be an emergency dentist, one needs enhanced training in areas such as oral surgery or Endodontics. That does not by any means make them less of a dentist than a general dentist. Let’s go back to our question, can emergency dentists prescribe medication? The answer is yes! They are licensed professionals with DDS or DMD degrees. They prescribe medication for their patients if they believe it is a necessary prescription to treat their condition. The types of medication they can prescribe may vary depending on the laws and regulations in the country or state as well as their own professional licensing and qualifications.

Emergency Dentists Can Prescribe:

  • Class 2 controlled substances
  • Class 3 controlled substances
  • Class 4 controlled substances
  • Class 5 controlled substances

Emergency Dentists Cannot Prescribe:

  • Psychedelic mushrooms
  • Heroin, etc…

A General Emergency dentist can prescribe pain relievers, antibiotics, and other medications to treat dental conditions such as inflammation. They can also recommend over-the-counter medications or provide instructions on how to manage pain or discomfort at home with herbal medications. It is important to note that when you are going to see an emergency dentist, it is to your advantage to collect the info on the medication you are currently taking so that the dentist can have an accurate record of what’s in your system. This is important so that the medication doesn’t counter-interact with the ones you’re already taking. Your medical history is extremely important for an emergency dentist to avoid complications, side effects, and counter-interactions with your existing medications.

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