Bridges vs. Dentures

//Bridges vs. Dentures

Check out our YouTube video that pictures two treatment plans: one with two implants and a permanent bridge and the second one with two implants and a removable denture.

Bridges vs. Dentures

Today we’re going to talk about two different applications of implants. One scenario is a patient (patient A) receiving two implants and a fixed bridge, and the other one is a patient (patient B) receiving two implants and a removable partial denture.

Bridge Scenario:

Patient A lost two front teeth and opted for two regular implants on a fixed implant retained bridge. We placed a three-unit bridge attached to the implant. The results are very natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing. It is not removable and is treated as regular teeth.

Denture Scenario:

Patient B had several upper missing teeth. Due to financial restraints, she decided to opt for removable dentures retained by two implants in the front of her mouth. Now she can enjoy smiling with confidence with her new, natural-looking teeth. She can chew just about anything and live a normal lifestyle.

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