Breaking the Alzheimer’s: Alzheimer’s and Dentistry

//Breaking the Alzheimer’s: Alzheimer’s and Dentistry

In this vlog, we will talk about the correlation between Alzheimer’s and dentistry. Alzheimer’s is very serious, and it’s hard to see someone who has been very extroverted and outgoing go inside themselves and lose that personality that was always there. There are still things we can do to enhance their quality of life. We’ll discuss the different supplements that can help improve their state of being, mental focus, and quality of life. We’ll also talk about what to do dentally, so they can still enjoy good comedy and food while keeping the self-esteem to enjoy good company with good friends.

Natural Supplements

First, we’ll talk about some natural supplements. Curcuma Alismatifolia is a plant that is native to Northern Thailand and Cambodia. It is a plant that is very close to ginger and turmeric. It has curcumin, which has anti-inflammatory qualities that help alleviate the brain inflammation that an Alzheimer’s patient might have. Another supplement is Piper Nigrum, which is black pepper. This common spice has incredible qualities commonly used for the treatment of depression, detoxification of the body, suppression of the appetite, an aide for weight control, and cleansing the skin of the dark spots we get as we age. Another component that can be implemented into food is Royal Jelly. Royal jelly is a milky substance that feeds honeybee larvae and comes directly from the queen honeybee. There are different recommended doses and applications, which a doctor can suggest if that is a remedy that you would like to try. Lastly, Plasmalogens are curing molecules in the brain that help us increase the versicular rate of reabsorption in the neurons to help us remain cognitively coherent. By increasing the natural intake of plasmalogens, we can improve the transport system between neurons in our brains. For more information on this process, we recommend the book “Breaking Alzheimer’s,” by Dayan Goodwenowe, Ph.D. 

Alzheimer’s and Dentistry

It is incredibly important for an Alzheimer’s patient to have normal digestion. Digestion and absorption of the stomach directly correlate with the mouth’s health. Imagine if someone has dentures and, because of their Alzheimer’s, they have misplaced them, can’t remember where they are, and now can’t eat comfortably. We recommend taking care of the mouth at the early stages of diagnosis to maintain quality of life by either reinforcing dentures with implants, restoring with a bridge supported by implants, or fixing a set of missing teeth with dental implants. We want to make it easier for that patient to remember where their teeth are and brush them, which is much easier when the teeth are attached to the mouth.  

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