Dental Veneers

Ready to get rid of rusty smile this summer?


Indirect Veneers

This summer or any other time of the year is a great time to tap into available options to you as a consumer to detox, defy the age and improve upon your health, positive energy, vitality, appearances and happiness. But let’s talk about your smile… Why would you want to reenergize your smile line stained by many years of good living, visiting countless wineries, tasting all kinds of exotic cuisines filled with curry flavors, clenching and grinding your teeth from joys of maintaining high stress corporate position, putting demands on your body higher than any human tolerance level would allow? The true reason of why you would want to do it is up you. And that’s the truth!

In case you are on this page not by accident, but actively looking for solutions, you came to the right place!

There are three different ways to improve smile with dramatic results. The first way to do it with simple bleaching, which will give you a lustrous effect if you teeth are nice and straight, but would do next to nothing to change the position or the shape of your teeth. This option is the least intensive on your wallet.

The second option would be to place Lumineers or conventional veneers as shown here.

We receive lots of questions from our patients about the differences between Lumineers and conventional veneers. Lumineers can be placed in a certain condition when the bite allows it with minimal or no preparation of the teeth at all. The thickness of the Lumineer for all you engineers out there is 0.3 mm; it is a ceramic type of a veneer, basically an extremely thin layer of glass. Lumineers slightly sharpen of smoothen the edges of your own teeth. Conventional veneers are on the opposite side of thickness, these can be porcelain or zirconia and all sorts of combinations in between. The thicker the veneer, the less translucency you would expect to achieve from it, but on the bright side these types of veneers can do miracles to misaligned, discolored teeth. An increase in thickness also would contribute to an increased durability, giving you years and years of durability for your beautiful smile.


Direct Veneers

The third cosmetic option is to place direct or composite veneers. These do not require a laboratory to make them and are placed directly on your teeth according to the smile design that you pick for yourself. Imagine that, in about 3 hours you can walk out of our office looking like Julia Roberts or Tom Cruz! Some examples of the work I’ve done are pictured below.


If the decision has been made, but there is a lack of data, please, bring your estimates to us, and we will be happy to provide you with a Free of risk and obligation cosmetic consultation and a complimentary Smile Design.  For other dental options check out the snap on smile option!

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