Alternative implant options in our office


We have serviced a lot of great patients with a lot of great questions over the years. Questions, such as:

" I am missing ALL of my teeth, can I have an implant?" OR

" I have all my teeth , but you see, those three on the left are missing, can I have an implant?" OR

" I lost ONE of my teeth, can I have an implant?"

The answer to all the above, is always:" YES!"


Let us look at different options...



When You are missing ONE tooth, don’t worry, the replacement will be easy, functional and beautiful! See below on the left.

When a couple of teeth are missing, we can insert implants for every single missing tooth, or we can offer a bridge to replace three, four, five teeth with two implants on each side. See below in the middle.

When You are missing All of your teeth, we can fabricate three different modalities of the dentures:

One, two and four implant retained dentures. See below on the right.


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